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Roxy Cafe Vintage Butter Pat

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You can look at the newspaper archives for just about every region in America in the Twenties through the Forties and find a Roxy Café, frequently featuring dining, drinking and dancing, and with a little trouble brewing, too.

A band of holdup men robbed the Roxy Café in Akron on June 18, 1929. All but one “escaped in automobiles after laying down a barrage of pistol shots at police in an effort to rescue” their partner, who was shot by police.

The Roxy Cafe in San Antonio opened on Jan. 25, 1941, advertising “Good Food, Wines and Beers,” dining and dancing and “Catering to People Who Enjoy Living,” and most important, urging residents to “Make the Roxy Your Pleasure Headquarters.”

In Hammond, Indiana, on Jan. 7, 1937, the talk of the town was the shooting that morning of a popular tavern proprietor on the steps of Calumet City’s Roxy Café, and first reports were that the Roxy’s chef had done the shooting.

The Roxy Café in Whiting, Indiana, had its grand opening on Jan. 25, 1936, with “music and free eats,” to which “everybody” was invited. Later the next year, though, on Dec. 9, the news wasn’t good as the complete tavern fixtures of the Roxy Café were up for sale.

But the origins of this little butter pat are a mystery; it’s not even backstamped to give us a clue. That doesn’t diminish what a nice one it is, with its creamy colored clay base and very vintage ribbon and vine scrolls that advertise the Roxy Café in a soft red.  A deep gray band goes around the rest of the rim, with a burgundy line above it.

It has what I would call medium utensil use in the well that is somewhat hard to see because the glaze is still very shiny. There are a few faint age spots on the rim and foot.

A very unusual addition to a butter pat collection!

(Only the butter pat is included in the sale.)

Roxy Cafe Vintage Butter Pat
Roxy Cafe Vintage Butter Pat
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