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Checker Pattern Toast or Pie Cover

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The popular black-and-white checkerboard pattern runs around the base of this nice toast or pie cover. It has no manufacturer’s mark, so I’m not sure who made it, especially because so many companies had a version.

I have to say that this is one of among many of my favorite patterns. We do have pretty much a complete service for eight in it, though only this one sweet cover, which is why I’m offering it for sale. There is only room for so much in the overcrowded kitchen cabinets!

It is a little more than 6” wide and not quite 3” high and is in very good condition! There are overall light use marks, a few area with extra dots of colors and some blurring of the checkerboard transfer. Inside is bright and shiny. The base is unglazed where it sat on the kiln shelf, so by comparison to the glazed areas, this feels slightly textured and has some age discoloration.

Its one flaw that needs to be mentioned is that it does have a crow’s foot crack. It is located about an inch from the thumb hole on the inside only, and is about a half-inch long in two directions. The only reason I noticed it is because it is discolored, indicating that it’s been there for many, many years. For that reason I feel confident selling it with the recommendation that you can use it and wash it without worry. Price is discounted because of this flaw.

(The plate shown above is NOT included with the cover.)

Checker Pattern Toast or Pie Cover
Checker Pattern Toast or Pie Cover
Checker Pattern Toast or Pie Cover
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